12 Benefits of WordPress Development for Your Website

Today, we’re talking about the most loved and buzzing content management system in the world. The WordPress. WordPress is open source, free to install and use, flexible, and extensible and the most important feature is it comes with 54,000+ plugins!

There are enormous benefits of WordPress development which will surely give you an edge over your competitors and also make your website beautiful.

Sony, Time Inc., The New York Post. Very well-known names?

Above all, they are built on WordPress. Yours can too! But why are all these big brands using WordPress? You ask.

Yes, a WordPress website for business has incredible benefits and features free of cost. Let’s dive into it, right now!

Key Features of WordPress Website

You won’t believe it, but many good websites, blogs, corporate portals, and even applications are built on WordPress. So, what are the features of WordPress that compel them to build? Let’s have a look.

  • Simplicity - WordPress is built for Everyone!
  • Flexibility - Literally any! Any type of website you can build on WordPress.
  • Publish with ease - Publish button will always be with you, not any coder or engineer.
  • User Management - Manage who will do what on your website!
  • Publishing tools - Managing your content has never been this easy!
  • Full Standard Compliance - No need to worry! WordPress websites are by default in full compliance with the W3C.
  • Easy Theme System - You just need to choose your favorite and get started!

Plugins, Built-in comments, Search Engine Optimization, Easy Installation, and many more user-friendly features available on WordPress make it a great place. But, what are the advantages of WordPress websites? Let’s read it!

What Are the Benefits of WordPress Development?

So, let’s dive into it. Here are 12 merits of WordPress that you can realize by building your WordPress websites.

1. WordPress Websites Rank High

At the end of the day, you want your business website to rank high on Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERP). WordPress with its Built-In-Blog, 100% responsiveness, and mobile-friendly optimization makes your website better than others on Google and other search engines.

More to this, WordPress is open-source software, which gives you the option to make changes in the coding as per your requirements.

2. WordPress Website is Scalable

WordPress - A Content Management System that powers 39.5 % of the world's websites!

Initially, WordPress was used for Blogging, and by the time the E-commerce boom came, people started growing their businesses by adding more and more pages for their Target Audience.

Businesses started introducing E-commerce and other types of websites. And that too, without compromising on their website performance.

There are many pros and cons of using WordPress for B2B, B2C, or D2C companies, but most of the time it's a good fit. As it is flexible and adaptable to changing needs. And these benefits of WordPress development weigh over its drawbacks.

3. Your’s Website, Your’s Data

Suppose, you’re looking forward to launching your own website or are already running one, you must want to collect some amount of data by way of newsletter subscription, contact form, requirement form, or any other method.

WordPress gives you ownership of every single byte of data collected on your website. And no one, even wordpress.com employees can dip a hand in your content - which is why big brands like Microsoft use WordPress.

On WordPress, Your Data Truly Belongs To You! By respecting your website users’ privacy.

4. Plugins at your fingertips

Custom websites require a specific skill set and can become costly. When you want to add some functionality to your website, you need to build it from scratch and implement it.

On the other hand, desired functionality with a plugin is the most preferred option.

WordPress offers you a library of plugins for whatever functionality you need. There are many plugins to help you ensure your content friendliness with your users and search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and many others.

The thing you’ve to remember here is that adding too many plugins can affect your website’s page speed and SEO.

5. Simple to integrate

Let’s say, your target audience like GIFs over standalone images or videos over GIFs. No worries WordPress supports several media types. And, that’s one of the major benefits of WordPress development.

Whether you want to publish text content, images, videos, slides, infographics, white papers, and many more. A WordPress website will be able to work with, support, and display them all.

One more plus point is WordPress lets you do changes in the codes, with some programming skills, you can inculcate custom post types to display whatever content you want to display on your own website.

6. WordPress is Dynamic, WordPress is Alive

WordPress is evolving over the years by getting support from a large community of developers and designers who are inspired to make WordPress ready to thrive at any point in time.

Moreover, regular updates make WordPress a stable and reliable platform for website building. This means your problems will be resolved quickly, your CMS will stay relevant with time, and new features are added as needed.

As a result, the hard work you need to do in installing the updates is missing here. If you have got a website powered by WordPress, you just have to sit back and relax! The updates are automatic and will get installed on your site automatically.

7. Easy to connect social media or any other service

Nowadays, Websites are an integral part of how businesses function and succeed.

This makes the website an online hub for your business, and an online hub needs to be connected with all the departments.

For example, in the Marketing Department, you can integrate email marketing services, connect your social media profiles, push website forms’ data to your Customer/Contact Relationship Management system, and much more!

8. Less Expensive to set up and maintain

WordPress is an open-source platform, free to install and use. It also has lower setup and maintenance costs associated with it, opined a WordPress developer in Toronto.

It’s wrong to say, all the websites on WordPress are cheap, especially business websites. You may have to pay for custom designs & developments, and hostings, etc. But, there is no initial cost, or ongoing license fees to use WordPress.

There are many factors in play while building a website such as customized functionality, level of customization, and other things.

Indeed, WordPress will help you save money over time with easier maintenance and management compared to other Content Management System platforms.

9. WordPress Allows You to Launch Website Quickly

No need to have special coding experience or any degree or something. WordPress will take care of the underlying codebase. As a result, you don’t need to write code from scratch.

Any person with little or no experience can build a website on WordPress, as he/she needs only a theme and some plugins to make any app up and running.

The bonus benefits of WordPress development here is, there are many plugins that you can use to fulfill the requirement without doing any hard work.

Imagine the amount of time you need to write CSS+HTML codes!

10. WordPress - A Thriving Community

Building a website on WordPress is as easy as baking a cake. But, there also you need to take care of ingredients and their composition.

Here, if you get stuck on WordPress, you can call up the WordPress community for help.

Hundreds of thousands of developers and designers work from every corner of the globe, creating a thriving community where new ideas are born and solutions are provided.

11. Managing Website On Your Own is Possible Now!

With WordPress, you can manage websites on your own, with no need to worry about vendor lock-in. Where you need to always contact your developer or website service provider to make a small change or update any content.

As we all know, WordPress for its a user-friendly and easy-to-use admin panel. It gives you options to set up multiple users, customize access levels, capabilities, and more.

Being WordPress on your side, you’ll be able to maintain ownership over your website and make any changes to the content on your own.

12. WordPress makes your Website SEO Friendly

WordPress is relatively SEO-friendly and responsive versus its competitors. The code behind it is relatively simple, easy to understand, and clean, which makes it easier for search engines to read, crawl and index your website.

Some built-in features such as responsive design and mobile friendliness put a strong foundation for SEO-optimized websites. And, that’s what makes WordPress best for creating websites for business.

Again, there might be something that you need to take care of, but not everything!


In short, there are thousands of websites competing with your website to rank on any given keyword. The benefits of WordPress development to design and optimize websites will give you an edge over others. And if you’re publishing Blogs! It’s better!

A good WordPress Website will help you to attract new traffic and turn the existing users into loyal ones.

Published: 17-02-2023

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