8 eCommerce Trends That Can Make A Positive Impact On eCommerce Industry 2022

In the business world, nothing is permanent. Every industry is changing rapidly based on the growing needs and expectations of customers. And of course, the advancement of technology is another factor that brings changes in the business. When it comes to eCommerce, it’s not an exception. It is also changing with the fast pace of the changing behavior of customers.

Fast changing behavior of customers and rapid advancement in technology also causes changing trends in various industries – eCommerce is one of them. After passing each year, new trends in the eCommerce industry gain the ground to revolutionize it. Whether you run an eCommerce business or planning to step into this industry to start your new venture you should be aware of various ongoing eCommerce trends.

Key Ecommerce Trends 2022

Let’s discuss here some of the eCommerce trends in 2022, which have taken this industry to the next level. These will also help you get a complete overview of the eCommerce industry 2022.

1. Personalized Marketing

Personalized marketing nowadays ensures better results and makes your effort successful. This is the reason why personalized marketing has become one of the major trends not only in the eCommerce industry but also in various other industries as well.

According to a study conducted by McKinsey, more than 80% of customers seek personalization from service providers. They are keen to pay companies offering personalized products and services. It indicates how personalized marketing is useful in increasing sales and also improves brand loyalty, which helps your business sustain for a long time.

An eCommerce design Toronto company observed that if you run an eCommerce business and seek to have a personalized eCommerce enterprise, you should do various things. First and foremost, you should spend enough time gathering data and going through the complete analysis process. Besides, you should also invest in tools and technologies for distributing personalized follow-up emails, pop-ups, and also various other relevant promotional offers.

2. Voice Search Shopping

It’s one of the eCommerce future trends. In today’s time, people rather use the keypad of their smartphone to type the name of products that they want to shop for. Instead, they search for products through their voice with the help of smart speakers. It indicates the growing dominance of voice search not only at the current time but also in the future.

According to Statista, voice search shopping accounted for approximately $40 billion in the current year. Amazon is a better example of voice shopping. The majority of customers who purchase its products reflect their new interest and also use the new function in which they can use Amazon Alexa to shop for their favorite products. Voice search facilitates customers to establish a complete interaction with customers.

As one of the biggest developments in eCommerce, it also helps them in getting a quick recommendation. Another interesting fact about voice search is that it helps in creating an outstanding shopping experience. For voice shopping, you need to keep several things in mind such as content optimization, focus on the volume of search, voice command function, etc.

3. Social Media in eCommerce

Social media impacts everything so eCommerce. Social media of late has become the most important part of people’s lives. Not only for entertainment but also people browse these platforms to search for interesting products and services that they want to buy.

It would not be wrong to say that social media has nowadays become a sales tool. These platforms have several features that enable customers to make an effective purchase even without leaving the application for offering support to merchants for sales and promotions.

You can get options such as Facebook, Instagram, and others to choose from for leveraging the power of social media platforms to boost the growth of your business by utilizing social eCommerce trends. Besides, on the various social media platforms, you can leverage features such as paid advertisement and in-app shopping to increase your sales and revenue.

4. Use of Video

We all are aware of the vast popularity of Tik Tok. Have you ever used this app? Well, if yes, then you would be aware that this application is popular for offering short videos.

The growing emergence of Tik Tok also encourages other platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, etc. to introduce short videos. So, if this application gained vast popularity among people, it indicates that people prefer to watch short videos.

Well, it’s a fact that short videos tend to easily grab the attention of people and are also known to have a better conviction rate. Today, people don’t have time to read long-written blogs. Rather, they search for something that should be presented in more creative ways. And this is the reason why video easily tantalizes their sense.

Video is a type of content that is a great combination of sound and music. Besides, it ensures a better presentation of products and thus ensures a higher conversion rate. So, if you are keen to take your online eCommerce business to the next level, you should focus on creating short videos.

5. Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence are the two most emerging technologies that have a pivotal role in digital transformation. After revolutionizing digital transformation, it has now propelled the eCommerce industry. These technologies emerged as the most commonly used terms in eCommerce trends in 2022.

AI is useful in product recommendations to consumers based on their behavior and past purchasing history. With the help of this technology, merchants can also offer personalized products to customers.

AR is popular for bringing the possibility of physical testing between both offline and online stores. So, AR technology has brought a revolutionary change in various industries be it home decoration, cosmetics, or fashion.

For instance, if you buy a TV, you can use this application to check how the television appears on the wall. You can visualize it either in the form of an image or a video. It helps you make a better decision for purchasing these items.

These are the two technologies that encourage people to shop online and help the eCommerce industry achieve a new landmark with exceptional growth in terms of increased conversion rate and ROI. This trend will continue in the future.

6. Various Payment Methods

It’s another hottest eCommerce trends in 2022 that is rocking. You need to understand that customers have diverse requirements when it comes to payment methods. Meanwhile, they can cancel the sales if they are not able to find the right items. It increases the cart abandon rate, which is not good for the growth of your eCommerce business.

To tackle this problem, you need to introduce multiple payment technologies that will help you get rid of the cart abandon rate. It also encourages customers to spend more. Besides, customers should be capable of saving their payment details on your business website for their future shopping.

You should also introduce touch-free payment, which gained a huge relevance because of COVID. So, you need to follow the trend by considering these options such as offering interest-free finance solutions, e-wallet payments, etc.

7. Livestream

Livestream is one of the growing eCommerce trends in the eCommerce industry. Though AR offers numerous opportunities for your eCommerce business, investment in this technology needs a huge investment.

Live streaming is popular for social media. You will come across various social media platforms that offer a live-streaming facility. The growing popularity of live streaming also made it a major trend in the eCommerce industry as well. With live streaming, you can demonstrate products more effectively. Besides, it also gives customers a wonderful chance to ask questions.

Apart from this, live streaming is also helpful in offering an outstanding customer experience. It also facilitates the social promotion, especially during the time of live streaming. The most significant advantage of live streaming is it minimizes the gap between an online store and brick-and-mortar stores. More and more, merchants can also grab enormous opportunities to increase sales of their products and the revenue of their business.

8. Omnichannel

Operations for every platform are generally managed with the help of a centralized hub, where you can feed both sales and inventory data into your system. This trend creates a wonderful opportunity for business in various ways by letting them attract more clients, offer outstanding customer experience, etc.

Final Words

So, above are some of the key trends of eCommerce in 2022. Some of these are also future eCommerce trends. As a business owner, you should implement these trends in your business to match the expectations of your customers. It helps you boost your sales and revenue.

Published: 02-09-2022

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