8 Latest Website Design Trends in 2022

After passing each year, the new website design trends come into existence based on the innovation of new technologies. The year 2021 has already passed, and half of the current year is 2022 too.

So, if your website is not updated with the latest website design trends, it may be difficult to compete with those sites that have already adopted the current design trends. And there’s the maximum possibility that your competitors may have also adopted the new design trends in 2022. You will face tough competition from them.

As per top web design Toronto agency, users prefer to stay engaged with those websites that quickly get updated with the modern trends. You need to keep your website up to date with the ongoing design trends. It helps you stay relevant in the market and helps you keep engaged with your customers with improved sales, conversion, and ROI.

Latest Website Design Trends

Let’s discuss here some of the key web design trends that have gained ground in 2022. Take a look.

1. Larger and Bold Typography

While talking about the latest website design trends in 2022, it’s good to start from typography. It has been a popular web design trend for many years and is still relevant among web designers in 2022. An experienced web designer plays with typography to create the desired appearance of your website.

Using large and bold typography is something that creates a wonderful impression on your target customers. Selecting the appropriate font is crucial as it helps in creating the right tone and matches the expectation of your target audience. All your designers need to do is make a perfect balance between scale and size.

2. Horizontal Scrolling

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What does the GDPR require of website owners?

Horizontal scrolling is another emerging design in 2022. And the majority of website designers practice it to a large extent. Horizontal scrolling brings a great interaction between graphics and texts. It is the most appropriate option for various websites, including catalogs, portfolios, maps, and many more.

Sideways navigation does wonders for various things such as exploring cities, discovering projects, visiting galleries, and many more. If implemented with perfection, horizontal scrolling tends to make your website more enticing, interesting, and appealing.

3. Abstract Illustration

An abstract illustration is another latest website design trends that are popular among designers for having complete organic texture. It gives a complete sense like a human hand creating it. Apart from this, cute and clean illustrations of human objects have become the most popular element of website design that has been ruling for various years.

One can create this sort of illustration with the use of ink and paper. You can create or scan with the use of illustration software. The most crucial thing that you need to do is incorporate different textures. You need to implement natural irregularities such as ink, silkscreen effects, watercolor, paint, or paper’s texture.

4. Gender Neutral Design

In today’s time, gender-neutral design is something that is in vogue. Designers reap the advantages to make your website design more engaging and conversion-oriented. Website designers should not consider any assumptions related to their customers while creating the design of their website.

Nowadays, it has become the most common thing to provide different gender options. And you can certainly implement it in drop-down menus, and websites. In eCommerce solutions, the majority of websites don’t prefer to use sorting clothing items based on gender. These websites include modeled shots of different body types for making their products highly accessible.

5. Linework

Linework is a good option for website designers for crafting dynamic grids, which are for the entire page of websites. The major advantage of these grids and lines on website pages is they are capable of delivering an app-like experience. It’s one of the most famous latest website design trends in 2022.

They also use lines for creating various other items for creative website designs, including headers, delineate sections, paragraphs, product galleries, and many more. The sort of design plays a crucial role in offering the website a great physical appearance too

6. Off the Grid

Website designers need various tools to perform their tasks outstandingly – the grid is one of those. It helps designers in shaping up their work with perfection. While emphasizing a segment, moving off-center can make your website stand out. Apart from this, it also makes your website memorable among your competitors.>

If we talk about going off the grid, it’s not a new and innovative idea, it’s still unexplored. In today’s time, website designers don’t need assistance from developers or other professionals for analyzing their vision. It becomes quite easy for them to create the layout with the use of a web builder, no matter how complex it is.

Most of the websites that adopted the grid website design trend already witnessed its great outcome in today’s time. Some of these websites are Infrared Mind-Body, Arrow Space, and others.

Off the grid is also considered to be a basic shape that one can also use as a button, which your designer can keep either animated or static. Besides this, you can also use it as a sticker, which reflects limited promotion. Irrespective of the type and appearance of these stickers, their common goal is to grab the attention of visitors.

7. Nostalgic

Engrossing in the past is something that is common in nature for people and they relive memories. This is the reason why nostalgia has become one of the emerging & latest website design trends in 2022. After the COVID pandemic, website designers seek a complete comforting experience.

Website designers use numerous elements to form a complete relatable experience for visitors. These elements include retro fonts, typography, classic image filters, soft lighting, blurriness, imagery, pastel color palettes, textures, grain, and many more.

8. Scrollytelling

Scrollytelling is the most effective technique to keep users engaged and leverage the power of the digital world. Your website designers help you harness the benefits of Scrollytelling by implementing this innovative web design trend while crafting your website.

Scrollytelling is a great visual effect that works amazing when it comes to captivating your target audience and also serving them with engaging content. It is also termed narrative visualization, which is also referred to as a series of different visual elements that are sequenced perfectly and organized in a way to disseminate a specific message to website visitors.

Today, some business websites enable users to navigate them at their own pace while getting complete control of them. The reason is each user wants to access the website in a personalized way. So, this method works brilliantly.

Final Words

So, above are some of the latest website design trends that designers implement widely while crafting websites. Make sure your website is updated with these design trends to help it get the same kind of user engagement and performance.

Published: 23-07-2022

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